“This painting reworks an old canvas so the composition was dictated by two very small stripes that I could not bare to paint over, that I wanted to keep. The texture of the paint was fluid and so drips were induced to make straight marks on the canvas. So, the painting is about controlling the flow of the paint, downwards, and stopping it at the right point. It’s oil paint, so it stays fluid for several hours and several days were needed to complete the painting.

“As I was painting the big news at the time was Greece exiting the EU and causing a meltdown of the European Union. The varied colours could represent the colours in the flags of the Nations of Europe.

“I was struck with the similarity between the news and my painting practice. The paint sliding down the canvas, like the economy sliding down the pan; a controlled meltdown.”  Jez Prior

oil on canvas 150x100cm


scarf and print available on http://etsy.com