Where does abstract fit in today’s art world? Largely gone, but not forgotten, as an art form it arguably requires viewer participation more than any other, the viewer’s interpretation being essential. The falling tree really doesn’t make a sound if there’s no one to hear it in this case.


As an movement it may have been relegated to the pages of art history, but now we can view it without the shock value it once had and relate our experience of it more evenly with other things. And what is the attraction for a figurative artist to paint abstract? Anyone brave enough to explore the mind of an artist is welcome to join us at L&A Exhibitions’ next pop up event at:

The Westminster Hub, 1st floor, New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE on the 9th May 2014 6.30pm

Several series from different artists showcasing journeys into abstract along side figurative works, canape and drinks and the artists to discuss their work with. At an L&A Exhibition we like to offer a change of pace during the evening and will again be raising money for GOSH with a fun casino blackjack tournament.