“The technique used for this painting was inspired by my Grandfather’s exclamation that ‘modern art is all rubbish, because all they do is throw paint at a canvas’. So, In a way I wanted to prove him wrong by producing a beautiful painting by throwing paint.

“I noticed that by working on the floor and using the right fluidity of paint, I could create completely round dots, similar to star clusters that I’d seen in pictures from NASA. When I first saw the pictures from the Hubble space telescope my reaction was that I wanted to create paintings like them, not copying photos but creating a piece where the dots of paint were captured in a moment as they travelled in time and space. There are literally hundreds of layers of these dots in a completed painting. Sometimes water was thrown to create mists and gaseous textures. This is a little like action painting because the paint is thrown, but it is very controlled and multi layered.” Jez Prior

acrylic on canvas   150x100cm

part of the laex project and currently not for sale.

scarf and print available on http://etsy.com