Hidden messages

                    Misha, looking a little hunter gathererish

I’ve known Misha for some years now…she started university painting, or rather designing while exploring materials, writing messages and personal secrets and watching them blend and contort and hide themselves as the piece dried. A feature often appreciated by the observer of the finished work, and graduated a fine art photographer. Her graduation piece is shown below.


I liked it and thought I could see two scarves for the laex project, I tend to think like that nowadays, and talked to Misha about it. I am now the proud recipient of the installation and the scarves are beautiful. We talked some more and she’s allowed me to use some of her abstract works that are so full of hidden meaning. They could be a metaphor for any one of us.

8913991_orig   9297713_orig   1713728_orig

Above, some more of Misha’s work that we’re considering for the project.

The difficulty of photographing paintings I’ve written about (see Kicking the ball of the top of the hill and running to keep up.) It gets even better when you have an idea to turn a sculpture into scarf. Some of the images are very textured, and so are difficult  to reproduce as a flat image. I might need to get help with this.

Now a professional photographer, Misha’s next project will be…roth.art. Check her out on Instagram.

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