Are you effected by your environment? I know I am. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, aesthetics are functional, in that they can change our mood. Something I’ve noticed over the years, my happiness meter can go up or down depending on where I live and work. An impression confirmed by a study from Exeter University that found art and plants in the work place can increase productivity by 15%.


This has inspired L&A Exhibitions together with friends at Gabriel Fine Arts to make some changes the Hub Westminster, on Haymarket.

Work by Constantine Majrowski and Jez Prior were put up in various areas around the co-working space

Talking to fellow Hubbers, and they didn’t seem they were just being polite, the art went down well. ‘Finally, the place has got some character’, was one comment that I got.

Below are a couple of clips shot and edited by film maker friends of mine, Mark Dutton and Micheal May. Many thanks.

Who knows what can happen next…


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