What is your self expression?

Singer/artist Este Cann is the latest artist to take over the space at the Impact Hub Westminster.

Art in the work place is known to have a positive effect on productivity. With the laex project we invite an artist to make an installation using the space as a canvas. Not an easy task, taking over and dominating a space without getting in the way.

So far the results have been spectacular and the response positive, with people not only appreciating the art but even sitting in it while making phone calls.

Self expression is at the center of Este Cann’s world…



Encouraged from a young age by a school teacher, Este won various local and national competitions. Her artistic talents took a back seat while she studied philosophy in Budapest in Hungary and Transformational Communication coaching.

..working as a fashion model to pay the rent..


‘As a Transformational communication coach(estecann.com)  my life is about the transformation of the human-being, appreciating finding who you are and what you’re here to do. It took me back to painting. I’d given up art when I was in high school because it didn’t seem relevant, so I know what it is to not follow your dream . This IS the way I express myself..if you’re an artist, paint.

Asked for a mission statement, she said, ‘My life is for anyone who comes in contact with me, is able to be free, fully self expressed and abundant’.



There will be a private viewing of the installation on 22nd September accompanied by a DJ from 4 to the Floor, drinks and snacks. As the event is in New Zealand House a guest list is necessary. Tickets are available here.

More about Este, as an artist or a coach, can be found at:



As a model at:




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